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financial ministers meeting next month. >>> now checking on the business side of markets. u.s. and european stock prices extended gains in overnight trade. strong u.s. housing data helped to lift market sentiment. the fact that spanish bonds also avoided another downgrade supported stocks and for more details, let's go toy to tokyo stock exchange. some markets are taking a little bit of a turn for the better. >> good morning, rahim. u.s. housing starts in support did rise to the fastest pace in around four years. but the market gains were capped by some lukewarm earnings by some high-tech giants. let's take a look at how that's moving markets in tokyo this thursday morning. the nikkei and the topix both opening higher. nikkei up 0.9% at 8882. the topix also up 745. the nikkei managed to top the 8800 level for the first time yesterday. that's in six sessions on a weaker yen which boosts exporters and euro related stocks. we'll be keeping an eye today on some tech rated stocks such as chipmakers after intel gave a somewhat cautious outlook for the personal computer sector on weaker global dem
. employees of a big u.s. defense contractor in afghanistan appearing extremely drunk, fumbling and shirtless, on the job. a cell phone video obtained exclusively by abc news is igniting outrage over a scene that looks more like a rowdy frat house than the operations center of a company paid to carry out u.s. policy overseas. abc's brian ross brings us this investigation. >> reporter: in a place where terrorists have and will attack, at any time, these are some of the men being paid by american taxpayers to help provide security for u.s. civilian personnel 24/7. the security manager for an american company scientific, with a $47 million contract from the pentagon, staggeringly drunk in the operations center. >> kevin. come on. >> reporter: this is the company's medical officer. wived out, stoned, after shooting up with narcotics. >> please snap out of it. >> reporter: and this is the company's top on-site executive, in front of a bonfire, where, according to former employees, live ammunition rounds were tossed into the flames. >> it was like a frat house for adults. >> reporter: the footage w
at 8 on c-span. later, the candidates hoping to represent arizona's 9th district in the u.s. house, democrat kirsten and steven later here on c-span2. >> what is the dinner, and how did it come about? >> so the al smith dinner is the most famous that presidential candidates show up every four years, and they show up, democrats and republicans -- i mean, it's really a memorial dinner for smith, and i think it's the thing that if anyone heard al smith's name at this point in time, that that's where you heard about al smith unless you hang around these hallowed halls. it's his lasting legacy, the place where the name gets out. it's held every year, not just every four years. prominent figures come in, it's a memorial dinner, a catholic charity dinner. people get together to assess the legacy of al smith and presidential candidates always especially to crack jokes about each other. >> in fact, they show up together most times, show up both the democrat and republican nominees show up together. we want to show you some of the past al smith's dinners. >> might i ask if senior clark comes
frequently find numerous media outlets and has written for quite a few of the major u.s. newspapers in the area or in these areas of his expertise. he is extremely knowledgeable man as seen things happen and comments on them in my humble opinion in a reasonable and accurate way. he will be followed by doc or robert freedman who is the meyer hall pearl pearl storm professor of political science at baltimore hebrew university and a visiting professor of political science at johns hopkins university. he has been a consultant to the u.s. department of state and central intelligence agency and he is the author of four books, soviet foreign-policy and also the editor and has been the editor of 14 books on israel and middle eastern policy. and then our third speaker will be dr. stephen blank the strategic study institutes expert on soviet lock and post-soviet world since 1989. he is the editor of imperial decline in russia's changing position in asia and coeditor of the soviet military in the future, and the last speaker is dr. ariel cohen my colleague at heritage who is the senior fellow
to strictly maintain the japan/u.s. alliance. this will be a strong message for the chinese military. >> reporter: japanese government officials insist their relations with china are important. they've been calling on their neighbor to act calmly. the officials say they hope to settle the territorial dispute peacefully based on international law. takafumi terui, nhk world, tokyo. >>> a senior american official has similar advice for chinese leaders. u.s. deputy secretary of state william burns wants them to resolve the senkaku dispute diplomatically rather than by making the threats or using force. burns met in beijing with chinese foreign minister yang jiechi. he reportedly told yang the united states will not take sides on the issue, something american officials have said repeatedly in recent weeks. china's state-run xinhua news agency reports yang reiterated his country's stance on the dispute. chinese maintain the uninhabited islands are part of their territory. analysts see this latest comment as a message to the u.s. to stay out of the matter. >>> dozens of politicians in japan
-year-old entered the u.s. in january. the fbi found out the man was targeting new york's financial district. federal agents involved in the sting gave him 450 kilograms of fake explosives. investigators watched as the man parked a vehicle loaded with a marked bomb near the bank. he tried to detonate it using the mobile phone. federal prosecutors have charged the man with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. >>> the european union's health and consumer policy commissioner has resigned over its scandal. the scandal broke out just after the european union was awarded the nobel peace prize last week. the anti-fraud office said john dalai knew of, but tolerated an attempt between a businessman to use his connection with the prime minister. he has been engaged in drafting new legislation on regulating smokeless tobacco. he denies any wrongdoing, but resigned from the post after the ant anti-fraud office reported to the european commission on tuesday. the european union explained that the scandal will have no impact on its policy making process. its reportedly the first time in
they going to start moving in the right direction. >> and you were telling me that as far as u.s. investors are concerned, that there has been a decoupling of what is going on between the u.s. and europe. especially as we see that spain is probably going to get money it needs and its ratings are stabilized by moodies recently it so tell us eye little bit more that there is decoupling going on. >> sure. and i think from the market's perspective we are starting to see a decoupling. the basic they are lee is there were two big issues in europe. there was a fiscal crisis and a european banking crisis. i think the market is starting to realize that the fiscal cries his take a long time to get resolved. yet the banking crisis to a certain extent has been contained by the ecb stepping in to become the lender of last resort. so for that reason, we are looking at the markets here in the u.s. starting to focus more on fundamentals here in the united states, so much in every headline coming out of europe. >> should we be more concerned about what is going on in china, especially with the news that cam
of a massive bailout, it u.s. taxpayers paid $12 billion to save u.s. auto parts corporation. 3 billion years and their partners to in a profit of over $4 billion. one big winner, a profit of over 4000% for the silent partner, ann and mitt romney. of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we're on the road in minneapolis. the alleged mastermind of the september 11 attacks khalid sheikh mohammed told a courtroom on@nesday the united states has killed more people in the name of national security than he is accused of killing on 9/11. he drat addressed the court during a hearing at of his troffer coordinated attacks. speaking through a translator, khalid sheikh mohammed said that while about 3000 people were killed on 9/11, the u.n. is states has killed thousands or even millions. he said -- a u.s. drone attack on a farmhouse in southern yemen has nine people suspected -- has california -- killed nine people suspected of the militants. residents said they found remains of nine bodies, including a senior al qaeda militant. a
rallied. i think it's a broader focus. the european tail risk has gone away. u.s. and china numbers aren't great, but they're stabilizing. so i think people are getting their heads around the fact that things have perhaps bottomed out in the market. > > as you mentioned, ibm was a heavy weight on this market yesterday. could that continue on into today? > > it definitely could, and we'll see earnings coming out later. but right now i think the expectations are so low for the market, and i do believe that most people are looking past quarter three and maybe even quarter four, and i think more people are looking toward china and looking toward europe for where the market is going to go next, and not really on earnings per say. > > what about ge though? this sometimes can be a market mover. the earnings are coming up on friday morning. > > ge definitely could be a market mover. but when i consider the fact that yesterday ibm went down 5.5% and the s&p and the dow continued to rally, i don't know how much impact ge could have unless their earnings were so poor and such a game changer. other
this is what works better in the u.s. however, having put the contentious idea in the table for all you people do care to shed, the reason i bring it out as i couldn't find polling data, but when i talk to tea party people, i would ask them point blank, so what if you could get very large reductions in spending than the prices that were so modest increase in taxes. would you take that question does not get deficits and government as a result. and they all said no. they were more allergic to raising taxes than they were to have in the government grow, which i thought was surprising. he saw that same dynamic by the way the republican primary debate. >> i think that's a great point you actually have seen polling data, but my interviews also cannot they typically will be shown as one person in particular said he actually would favor some sort of compromise there if it were guaranteed that the spending decreases would actually go into effect and typically at the reluctance to any kind of tax increase at all was because experience has suggested to them that tax increase is due in go into effect and
increase in u.s. supplies. gasoline prices fell and now average $3.75 a gallon. prices at the pump were a hot topic in the presidential debate last night. we talk now about the outlook for energy with gareth lewis- davies commodities strategist at b.n.p. paribas. so you heard it last night, the candidates went toe to toe in the debate. governor romney accusing the president that for a doubling of gasoline prices over the last four years president obama defending himself saying it wasn't his fought that there was a recession and a recovery. so who was right here? >> well, really oil prices as a global phenomenon is dependent on what's happening with the world as a whole. so there's a limit to what one country, one government can do in terms of oil prices. what we've seen in the united states is oil production in the u.s. is increasing. but due to other factors around the world and the middle east we're still having higher prices and that's impacting the price of crude. at the moment price of gasoline is below the psychologically important $4 a gallon at the pump in the u.s.. and as such
hall, linda so, abc2 news. >>> some disturbing news when it comes to crime in the u.s.. for the first time in 20 years violent crime in the u.s. has jumped. that's because an increase in the number of simple assaults from 2010 to 2011. but for the most part, incidents of rape, sexual assault, robbery and serious crimes involving weapons or injury remained about the same. experts say the amount of crime in 2010 was historically low and the new numbers don't necessarily signal a reversal. >>> all new for you today the amazing survival story of two friends who grew up in maryland after spending days stranded in the glacier national park in montana, the men are now speaking out about the ordeal for the first time. neal peckens and jasonizeen both experienced hikers but their map blew away the hikers well they got turned around. hiser and peckens spent four days in the snow hoping someone would find them. >> when the man who was out hiking looking for us you know called out to us it huge relief >> the worst part of the whole thing was the fact that we couldn't communicate with anyone back
>> ifill: jeffrey brown examines the reality and the rhetoric over u.s.-china policy and trade. >> woodruff: from our brand-new series, "agents for change," fred de sam lazaro profiles a group that offers refuge for victims of modern-day slavery in the philippines. >> 15% of the gross domestics products comes from money sent home by overseas filipinos, but there is a dark downside that makes these vulnerable. >> and spencer michael has the story of >> ifill: and spencer michels has the story of high tech sailboats gearing up for the america's cup in san francisco next yr. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> when i was in an accident, i was worried, the health system spoke a language all its own, with united health care, i got health care for my life, information on my phone, and connection to doctors who get where i'm friiÍo, and tools to estimate what are my costs, so i might never miss a beat. >> we're more than 78,000 people looking out for ore tha70 million americans. that's health in numbers. uni
, it's something akin to what's been supported by overwhelming majorities in the u.s. population. and larry, here's the leverage. the leverage that the republicans handed president obama is if congress does what it does best, then we get the reset. so the president's going to put this plan forward and americans will react positively to it. >> dick armey, look, obama has already signed one version of this tax cut. what i see is an election year petulence on the part of president obama. i think that's why he's going to lose this general election. >> absolutely right. and, david, bless your heart, you and i both know that president clinton would have been and was at the table respectfully negotiating with a sense of knowledge and understanding of the depth of the budget and where the massages could be made. the only impediment to the project and the one that he always had to be fighting off, is the vice president on his left always trying to pull him back when he tried to get to a good place. this president clinton knew how to sit at the table and work things out. he would not have
about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and his administration's response to it. he told john stewart from "the daley show" that the american government is one big praise and sometimes, quote, something screws up. but he is vowing to fix all of it. the 9/11 attack in benghazi killed an ambassador and three others. the presidential debate this week, during it governor romney accused of president obama of waiting two weeks to call it an act of terror. the president said he used the words the next day, but republicans point out other officials were telling a different story even days later. your fox top story and ed henry is on live in new york. the president is still dealing with this question. >> he is. when you talk to the president's campaign advisors he got the better of the exchange with mitt romney. nonetheless, they know that while they believe he looked like a statesman, he was showing leadership. he was showing up for his diplomats. there were so many confusing stories they have to clean it up. take a listen to what he said. quote, we weren't confused about the fact tha
came to the united states in january 2012 for the le purpose of carryingut a plot on u.s. soil. he is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to import materials from al qaeda. he assembled what he believed to be a 1,000 pound bomb in the van. he drove to the new york federal reserve bank in lower man hat and an attached the detonator what he belied to be the bomb. he parked the van and walked to a nearby hotel and repeatedly tri to detonate the bomb and the van did not blow because the explosives were not real and. consequences. it is important to emphasize that the public was never at risk in this case because actually an the suspect now at federal court in brooklyn. back to you. melissa: amazing. the impact of this on the economy woululd have been absolutely crippling. thank you so much for that report. wow!. >>> letts take a look at the day's market headles. the bulls two-day rally losing steam despite strong date from the housing sector. disappointing earnings from ibm and intel weighing on investors. the dow just gained five points. >>> ebay
, we look at the stepped-up cyber attacks on u.s. banks by iranian hackers. >> warner: we have a battleground dispatch from new hampshire, where the focus is on women voters and women candidates. >> it does seem striking, having all women, potentially, be the representatives to washington, and also potentially sitting as the executive of the state. >> woodruff: on the daily download, ray suarez talks with lauren ashburn and howard kurtz about debate watchers using twitter and other social media. >> warner: and gwen ifill sits down with author ted widmer. he's been listening to once-secret tape recordings by president john f. kennedy. >> it's really a remarkable chance for the american people to hear what it is like to be president in a very visceral way. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> computing surrounds us. sometimes it's obvious and sometimes it's very surprising in where you find it. soon, computing intelligence in unexpected places will change our lives in truly profound ways. technology can
spontaneously gathered because of the video and decided to charge the u.s. embassy and had killed the u.s. ambassador, two navy s.e.a.l.s and another american that is still an act of terrorism. it is the taking of the lives of civilians in a political act that is designed to have some kind of political impact. it strikes me as an act of trer i terrorism. was it affiliated with al qaeda with planing and forethought that we don't know. but i don't see how it wasn't an act of terrorism no matter who did it. do you think he missed an opportunity focusing on the word terrorism as opposed to the nearly 14 days of whatever it was that they were still unclear about what happened? >> and continue, governor romney had good cards and he over played them and he was able to push them back pretty hard and he played them. >> nor are we at the point where the administration is selling a false narrative. but there are four people dead and it is serious. the question that is hanging in the air here is was the libya war a good idea? president obama has two wars, afghanistan which he escalated and libya whic
and the suspect. >> reporter: quazi mohammad nafis came to the u.s. from bangledesh on a student visa to study at southeast missouri state university. he caught the f.b.i.'s attention allegedly in an extremist online chat room trying to form a terror cell. agents posing as al qaeda facilitators arranged a meeting with nafis, in which he allegedly laid out his plan to attack new york city. an f.b.i. affidavit alleges that nafis helped build a 1,000-pound bomb in a long island warehouse. a audio and videotaped conversations with an f.b.i. informant, nafis allegedly said ro wanted to "destroy america" on behalf of al qaeda." according to the f.b.i., while planning the bombing, nafis told an undercover agent, "what i really mean is that i don't want something that's, like, small. i just want something that is big, something very big." this morning, the 21-year-old allegedly drove a van he believed carried the bomb downtown and parked it in front of the federal reserve bank of new york. nafis walked a short distance to this hotel, where the f.b.i. says he then recorded a video claiming responsibili
. mohammed said he believes the u- s government has killed more people in the name of national security than he is accused of killing. he made indirect references to the killing and burial at sea of osama bin laden, and the u.s. drone strikes that killed some of bin laden's top supporters. mohammed could face the death penalty if he's convicted. there are new questions as to whether the u-s consulate in libya was adequately protected. reuters reports the u-s state department hired an obscure british contractor to handle security. the security firm blue mountain hired guards who were armed only with flashlights and batons no firearms. security experts said the firm is virtually unknown. congress continues to investigate how militants were able to attack and kill four americans at the consulate last month. the teenage girl shot in the head and neck by the taliban for speaking out against the extremist group remains in stable condition and is making progress. doctors in england say 14 year- old malala yousafzai spent a third comfortable night at queen elizabeth hospital. they wouldn't comment
threatening to bomb the federal reserve bank here in new york. the fbi says he came to the u.s. intent on waging a holy war and was ready to die in the attack. >> reporter: 21-year-old quazi mohammad rezwanul ahsan nafis stood in a manhattan courthouse wednesday hours after he allegedly tried to blow up part of america's financial infrastructure. authorities say nafis wanted to detonate a bomb outside of the federal reserve bank of new york. the building where transactions from the nation's largest banks are processed and where a large reserve of gold is stored. he dime the u.s. on a student visa in january to study cyber security. that lasted one semester. the fbi started watching him after he tried setting up a terror cell using an online chat room and facebook. undercover agents started working with nafis posing as al qaeda operatives. he told one agent, what i really mean is that i don't want something that's like small i just want something big. very big. his first target wall street. >> he goes to the new york stock exchange, sees there's significant security there and shifts his
with that knowledge. and so in the u.s. we, we don't have such a system around teaching. we have some of the elements and pieces developed for a variety of moments across the 20 century but we don't have anything that resembles professions. and in a consequence of that, i spent sometime during kind of policies do. i did some international with bob, and the consequences are just really wide you see from school to see or even classroom from classroom within school in terms of the level of skill and expertise of practicing teachers. most teachers do not learn how to teach in their teacher preparation programs. they learn how to teach on the job. they learn with the benefit of the own smarts, with the help of the college. so essentially we have a nonsystem of preparing expertise among teachers, and then the result of that is exactly what you expect when you have a nonsystem, which is some people are really start to figure it out and other people less so. if i had to put a number on it, a case study that measures effective teachers looking at 3000 classrooms across the country says that about 20% of teach
with an opportunity in the u.s. and abroad. >> with the shortage over there, they're going to be looking somewhere to get their wine. hopefully they look over the california. >> reporter: because the champagne district was hit extra hard, california's sparkling wine makers will at last be able to introduce their product to lots of people who would have never tried it before. >> we're going to be able to compete with them a lot better. and, yeah, we're looking forward to that. >> reporter: but it will be a long haul. >> i haven't had a day off in over a month. so we've been really working hard. >> reporter: the sonoma county visitors association says that often equates to more jobs, needed jobs. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now. the top three wine destinations are on the west coast. sonoma county tops the list. napa valley comes in second. third place goes to oregon. >>> the department of the interior has announced 27 new national landmarks today, and two of them are right here in the bay area. one is the united states post office and courthouse in san francisco,
in jamaica queens and the fbi raided his apartment, taking away evidence. he came to the u.s. in january from bangladesh. >> and wnbc's jonathan dienst reports the suspect was here on a student visa. and we have also learned that a man believed to be a co-conspirator was arrested in san diego wednesday on unrelated charges. >>> all right, to politics now, where the candidates and their running mates wasted no time firing back at some of the fiery rhetoric from tuesday night's debate. one of the hottest topics? women. >> when governor romney's asked a direct question about equal pay, he started talking about binders. oh, the idea that he had to go and ask where a qualified woman was. he just should have come to my house. he didn't need a binder. >> i've got to tell you, we don't have to collect a bunch of binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women. >> this president has failed america's women. they've suffered in terms of getting jobs p. >> 26 million women are trapped in poverty, that's the highest rate in 7 1/2 years. >> the president and governor romney also traded jabs on one
marriage between a man and a woman. the u.s. supreme court is expected to ultimately decide this issue. and now we all know that the same-sex marriage will be on the ballot this november in maryland. and scott broom will have more on that side of the story. >> reporter: maryland voters will get to decide the same-sex marriage question here on the question 6 ballot. new polling from the washington post shows marylanders in favor of the same-sex marriage by a margin of52-43. the heaviest opposition remains in churches. and among african americans. >> it is a matter of fairness and a matter of equality. >> reporter: today, supporters of gay marriage put the focus on religion by rolling out religious leaders of all kinds. >> we see this about justice and equality. and really this is about fairness. >> reporter: whos gay marriage and question 6. >> and it is important to remember that the civil marriage protection act, strongly preserves the religious freedom. >> there is nothing in the civil marriage protection act that will force any individual clergy person to perform the same-sex marria
in the heart of new york city. >> anita vogel voins joins us we lathes. >> he came to the u.s. in january on a student visa specifically to carry out a terror attack. the fbi says when he got here he claimed he had al qaeda connections. what he didn't know is one of the people he contacted on-line was an under cover agent, the same one who supplied him with 2050 pound bag -- 20 50 bound pags of what he believed were explosives. he drove to the federal reserve building ready to wreak havoc. when he tried to set it off with his cell phone nothing happened. that's when they grabbed him. >> i call it aspirational when you go and pick up 50 20 pound bags of ammonium nitrate you obtain a truck and bring it to the site of a major if i hfeder facility and you try to detonate it that goes way past it to me. >> he was living with relatives in queens also recorded a video addressed to americans before he tried to detonate the bomb. in it he is heard saying we will not stop until we obtain victory or martyrdom. according to the federal complaint the 21-year-old also threaten to do kill a high ranking
problems facing technology today. it is an ill educated work force in the u.s.. google, the call in ten minutes. you cannot afford to miss a minute of this show and we will take that call next. [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,0 trades a second... ♪ ...reach one customer at a time? whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. dave: third quarter earnings beating street estimates on the top and bottom lines. liz: stock is rising. everyone else was getting traumatized over google this stock jumped 4%. what is behind better than expected report and, as the company looking forward? joining us with an inside look, beth mooney, chairman and ceo and president. i was with you in cleveland. looking at this third quarter report i am more interested in the bigger picture, the nation's seventh largest bank. we also heard mortgage rates were dropping once again. what will that do for your business? >> the strength of our quarter was based on our ability to grow revenue from lending activities as well as our loans and deposits were far more robus
room." happening now, americans working for a u.s. security contractor in afghanistan allegedly partying it up big time. seemingly so drunk and drugged they could hardly speak. the shocking video just ahead. >>> plus, some corporate ceos are warning their employees that a vote for president obama could mean losing their job. why what mitt romney's telling them might surprise you. and a tale of two ex-presidents. while bill clinton may be helping president obama on the campaign trail, others suggest george w. bush may be haunting mitt romney. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> only 19 days to go until the 2012 presidential election. and the pressure's certainly on both candidates in this increasingly tight race. today president obama campaigned in new hampshire with its four electoral votes, it's one of a handful of swing states that will be absolutely critical come election day november 6th. joining us now for an update from the obama campaign, the campaign's traveling press secretary je
, 2012, live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol dome. good morning, i'm wisdom martin. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. definitely felt a little bit of a chill in the air but about the same as we had yesterday. >> temperatures are 10 degrees warmer? >> they are? >> yeah. >> than they were yesterday morning. ? >> come on, sarah. >> i didn't feel it that much warmer. >> that is because wisdom goes if his fancy house to the garage. just kidding. >> i like it though. >> let's go to temperatures. >> let's just do that. >> 56 at reagan national. dulles, 52. bwi marshall, 48. remember yesterday, dulles was back in the 30s. >> oh, it's all coming back to me now. >> yesterday, reagan national was in the upper 40s at this hour. so a little bit warmer than yesterday. still, it is on the cool side and it is pleasant. should see plenty of sunshine here early. we'll seat clouds increase a little later this afternoon. and eventually that band of rain you see out towards cincinnati will get in here. the same band of rain that brought the rain delays to the baseball games yesterday. it could drop
measures. the u.s. ambassador to japan says the u.s. military is committed to cooperating fully with the japanese investigation. >>> turning our attention to the race for the white house, mitt romney and president obama will both campaign in new york today. yesterday the candidates focused on women. >> mitt romney told supporters in virginia that women have been particularly hit hard by this economy. president obama told his supporters he doesn't need a binder full of resumes to find qualified women for his staff. tara mergener have more. >> reporter: they will be sporting black coats and white ties at a charity dinner in new york tonight. it's a chance for the candidateses to have fun and tell bad jokes like this one from president obama during the last election. >> i do love the waldorf astoria. i hear that from the doorstep you can see all the way to the russian tea room. >> reporter: but the jokes are decidedly less friendly on the campaign trail as both men battle for every vote they were focused on one group in particular wednesday: women. >> why is it that there are 3.6 m
potential victims. and among the afghan soldiers the u.s. is training are some you might not expect. david martin on the women pilots standing up to defend their country. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening, the boy scouts of america kept files for decades on scout leaders and volunteers who were suspected of sexually abuses boys. the scouts kept the files to prevent molefters from returning to the organization, but often they did not share what they knew with police and prosecutors. the documents paint a picture of serial cover-ups to protect the name of the boy scouts of america. because of a lawsuit, oregon's supreme court ordered the documents released. they became public today and ina werner has our story. >> reporter: the 1200 documents cover incidents from 1965 to 1985. they describe actual or suspected sexual abuls by volunteers or troop leaders. john anderson says he was molested by a scout master beginning in 1976 when he was 14. >> this happened 35 years ago and i did not understand how it affected my behavior. i would sa
for the u.s. senate seat in massachusetts. >> i believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. i have since the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1970 as a u.s. senate candidate. >> now fast forward to last year. here's mitt romney trying to capture the gop presidential nomination. >> what i'd like to see happen would be for the supreme court to say, look, we're going to overturn row v. wade and return to the states the authority to design whether they want abortion on or not state by state. that's how it was before roev. wade. i'm pro-life. >> less than two weeks ago he spoke to the editorial board of "the des moines register" and he seemed more unclear on the issue. he said there's no legislation with regards to abortion that i'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda. so, if mitt does win and he does set an agenda, what will it include with regards to abortion? this literally could turn the entire election. barbara comstock is a romney campaign senior adviser. good to see you again. i appreciate you taking the time. you, obviousl
bourses helped by positive cues from the u.s. and europe. developers let the rally. september average home prices declined, but earnings from the bigger players are still promising. elsewhere shale gas in the mainland al mainla mainland also surged 37 hang seng followed in the mainland's foot steps to end in the glean helped by industrials and energy plays. elsewhere, the nikkei continued its strong rally ending higher by 2% at a three week high. exporters gained once again on the weaker yen. china plays also picked up the steam. south korea kospi eked out modest gains supported by ship builders and automakers. meanwhile a strong rally in australian miners lent support to the asx 200 rising to a 15 month high. sensex still on the move, higher by 0.6%. >>> smartphones are in focus. nokia will report earnings at 12 central european time. this as the number of smart phones oig around the world sold will top 1 billion units for the first time. iphones and androids are the market leaders. we want to know where this leaves nokia and r.i.m. shares have clearly underperformed, although r.i.m. is h
. police say the man who's in custody, he was in the u.s. on a student visa, came for a reason, to destroy america. maggie lake, i want do go straight to you for us in new york and walk me through this. who is this guy? how close to carrying this out? >> brooke, 21 years old, from bangladesh. came on a student visa back in january to study in missouri but did not -- he went a spring semester there. he was living in jamaica, queens. authorities say he came with the intent to perform a jihad on the united states. he wanted to recruit others to his plot, reached out via social media to someone who happened to be an informant for the fbi. that person in turn put him in touch with an actual fbi agent working undercover, posing as an al qaeda operative who he then monitored him, they provided him with a fake explosive and of course he didn't know until he got to the point and parked a van outside the new york federal reserve and tried to detonate the bomb. >> why the fed and the focus on the u.s. economy? >> that's a good question. it's a fortress-like building and not that recognizable. many to
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